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Your bold guide to working from home (WFH)

You’ve probably been washing your hands for the millionth time before using your device to read this. Your WhatsApp and Facebook are filled with messages and memes related to the latest Covid-19 updates. These are crazy and confusing times. WFH can be a completely new experience, but if done correctly, you’ll come out stronger than ever, as you always have.

What do you do, now that you’ve started WFH – probably – for the first time? We’ve put together five practical tips to help you through this new journey.

Get out of bed, shower and get dressed

When working in an office, your morning commute can push you to weak up and feel ready to work by the time you arrive at your desk. At home, however, the transition from your pillow to your computer can be much more jarring. Believe it or not, one way to wfh and be actually productive is to dive into your usual morning routine just like you would do on any other day. Start by getting out of bed on time first thing in the morning. Then take care of yourself, eat something nice. And why not? Wear the cute clothes you love, even if you’re planning on seeing nobody.

We know it’s tempting to spend all day in your pajamas. But try to fight the urge! The mental association you make between these small routine actions and work can be the key to keeping your productivity and mood high throughout the day. This way, you’ll stop the morning sluggishness from wearing away your motivation. You’ll feel in control of your time and schedule.

With extra time in the morning, why not enjoy the pampering feeling of applying a face mask while you tackle your to-do list? We recommend our botanical purifying clay mask which is great for stressed, congested skin and will give you a holiday glow right from your home. Pair that with our multitasking beauty elixir to replenish and hydrate your skin. These two steps are more than enough to put your best – and naturally beautiful – face forward for your next zoom meeting.

Stay active, physically and mentally

As movement is grinding to a halt and gyms are a no-go zone, you might find yourself hunkering down in your home temped by the Netflix-and-chill combo. Self-isolation means indeed no walking or cycling, but there’s still plenty of ways to stay active. You can find millions of free exercise classes available online. Besides, exercise can help keep your immune system healthy, less susceptible to infections, and better able to recover from them.

But physical health is not the end of the story. Your mental health is just as important. It’s normal to feel stressed in times like these. That’s why you should focus on what helps you feel a sense of safety and pleasure. If you love romantic movies, binge on them for a day and exercise in front of the screen. Are thriller novels your thing? Go for it! As long as you challenge yourself to stay in the present and take advantage of the good this situation brings, you’ll grow stronger than you ever expected.

Don’t forget to socialize, even at a distance

Remember: you’re working from home, not Mars. Many of us around the world have been advised to practice social distancing. However, you don’t need to become anti-social to keep yourself safe. While stay-at-home weekends have become the norm, we’re going to have to adopt new behaviors and rethink how to keep our social life active. Sure, you had to say temporarily good-bye to handshakes and after-work drinks with friends. But there are so many other ways to interact with your beloved ones. That’s the beauty of living in this hyperconnected world. You can replace the time spent chatting in a pub with a virtual hangout on FaceTime, Zoom, or Skype. The possibilities are virtually endless.

Finally, find the time for new hobbies

Have you ever wanted to pick up a new hobby? Like many, you’d find that there’s suddenly the right amount of extra room in your daily schedule. You now have plenty of time to try out something new. And there are so many different things you could try that it would be nearly impossible to name them all here. Then, there’s reading. Immersing yourself in a book can help you escape to another world beyond the four walls of your bedroom.

Need help staying calm? Meditate!

If this uncertain situation is making you feel anxious or worried, there’s something you can try out for free. Meditation will provide a safe space for you to get away from the worrying news and anxious thoughts without having to leave your home. Learn to enjoy a much-needed time-out with one or more meditation sessions throughout the day. Take a big breath and focus on nothing but the sensation of air passing over your nostrils. Leave out all the rest for at least 5 minutes. If you’ve been experiencing insomnia, meditate right before going to bed in the evening. Meditation is sure to help you drift off to sleep and release your mind from all negative thoughts.

WFH can become a blessing, even in such stressful times. It can become the best occasion to get in touch with your true self and cut the clutter out of your life. Stick to your schedule, minimize distractions, take care of your mind and body, communicate with others by multiple platforms. Follow these tips to bring your self-care to the next level. All that you’ll experience working at home can be a catalyst for positive change for the future. Keep your spirit up; the sun rises every morning no matter what. In times like these, take care of yourself, and you’ll grow even stronger than before. You’re bolder than you think!

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