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Free shipping & easy returns for US orders.
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Why use “bare” skincare

When it comes to what we put in our bodies we’ve (hopefully) grown up to read labels and choose better ingredients. But what about our skin? It’s the biggest organ and absorbs up to 70% of what we put on it.

Thanks to the internet we are slowly opening our eyes to just how many chemicals are lurking in our products. But fear not, you can easily identify clean products and start making better choices. Ahead, we explain how and why:

What is “bare” skincare?

Simply put its skincare made from safe, natural or naturally derived ingredients. Clays, flowers, roots and oils, all the good-looking and smelling stuff. Simple is always best too – an excessively long ingredient list is unnecessary and means that there’s a tiny percentage of each ingredient.

So, it’s time to start reading labels and learn about ingredients. And don’t be afraid of preservatives, as products would spoil faster and become contaminated by bacteria without them. The same percentage used in skincare and cosmetics is equal to the same amount in blueberries. We still eat blueberries…

Also, look for claims like:

  • Paraben Free
  • Sulfate Free
  • Non-Allergenic
  • Free of Harmful Synthetic Chemicals or Known Irritants
  • Free of Synthetic Dyes or Fragrances
  • Never Tested on Animals
  • Vegan or No Animal by-products

Why do you need to use “bare” skincare?

With so much pollution and environmental stress, your body finds it even harder to detox.  Lathering more chemicals won’t help and can irritate your skin deeply. Toxins can damage your skin, and they can leave long-lasting side effects.

Harmful ingredients not only affect you, but also our environment. And you care about that, right? Bottom-line is, just like natural beauty is best, so is skincare.

How do you make the transition?

The best way is to start with a mini skin detox. This can be dry-brushing your skin, taking detox baths and using clay-based masks. Drink plenty of water and exercise to remove toxins from your precious skin.

A good place to start is our Purity Mask and Bare elixir. This power duo will purify, nourish and protect your skin so you can go bare and love it.

Your skin will finally breathe and thank you for using these clean, nourishing products. And while going “bare” might not happen overnight, the effort will be well worth it over time!

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