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The French way to beauty and life

If you’ve ever been to France or at least watched a french movie, then you would notice a self-assuredness to the women there. We’ve watched them closely. We like what we see. They don’t seem to care what anyone else thinks and have this effortless chic attitude that is hard to miss. Below we discover what they do differently:

They have a natural approach to beauty

French women embrace their natural beauty and celebrate their imperfections. They also put skincare above makeup. A natural healthy glow is always in fashion. French women know that they need to take care of their body inside out, with a good diet, exercise for fun, and a good skincare regime.

They also have a less is more approach to products. It’s better to invest in a few quality skincare products like Purity Mask and Bare Elixir to achieve great skin in 2 easy steps.

They celebrate their body

You won’t be seeing shy women on French beaches, some are topless and some are in lacey bras. The French approach to the female body is very different. They celebrate what they have, do not hide their imperfections, and love their bodies. We think it’s an attitude to live by.

They embrace aging

You won’t find French women chasing youth and doing countless surgeries to appear something they are not. They want above all to be the best possible version of themselves at any age. So ditch the numbers, embrace your age. At Bold & Bare, we think women of all ages are beautiful and should use products to enhance their beauty, not hide.

They know confidence, and sexy is a state of mind

French women put above all feeling confident and sexy, not necessarily look it. And we tend to agree. Having a rich life, cherishing your body, having pleasures will all make you feel sexy on the inside. We find French women to be incredibly beautiful because they embrace their individual beauty fiercely and unapologetically. They don’t hold back. They are real.

They enjoy life (in moderation)

Whether it’s a croissant or a walk in the park instead of the scheduled yoga class, French women know how to listen to their needs. In the US, we often chase an image of success above all else and forget about enjoying life. Sure we want to be fit, we want to have successful careers, and we want to look the part, but when do we stop to smell the roses?! Well, time to learn from the best and enjoy life a little.

And there you have it, the French way of living and the secret to their effortless beauty. If this guide makes you want to pack your bags and travel to France, we think you should…

That’s your first step to enjoying your bold life and living for yourself! Au revoir darlings!


  • France is my favorite country. I am dreaming about moving there one day or just living there during all summer and fall. What a nice read! Very inspirational ! Yes for BOLD&BARE❤️

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