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Free shipping & easy returns for US orders.
  • The Bold & Bare manifesto

    The driving force behind creating Bold & Bare. 


  • The face elixir for major glow

    The game-changing serum to end all serums.


  • The Bold & Bare woman

    Ever met a woman that immediately grabs your attention because she oozes confidence and an undefined energy?


The Bold & Bare manifesto

We believe you should feel comfortable in your own skin. We don’t believe in apologizing for who you are or letting others define the standards of beauty. We believe that beauty exists where there’s confidence, courage, and strength, and that when you feel good on the inside, you look good on the outside, too.

We exist to empower and inspire to boldly chase after your dreams. Our name says it all: We want you to walk courageously and boldly through life, knowing that the world is yours and the mark you make upon it is unique and impactful. You only get one shot at life, so why not live it as boldly and wildly as you can?

We believe all shades of uniqueness are beautiful. The idea of beauty is changing, and we’re proud to be pioneers of a mission that believes women are beautiful when they’re bare, real, and totally themselves. Real women know their flaws don’t define them, and that real beauty comes from somewhere much deeper within. There is only one you, so go ahead and be wildly, beautifully you.

We believe in embracing who you are and being authentic. It’s so easy to present a version of yourself that isn’t truly who you are. We work hard to hide our imperfections– both on the surface and underneath– with things that don’t elevate the real versions of ourselves and the beauty within all of us. Bold & Bare aims to help women embrace who they are– flaws and all– and to give them the courage to approach the world with fierce confidence and realness.

We believe you deserve skincare that’s as good for you as it makes you look.
Our products are designed not to alter your appearance or complicate your routine, but to enhance and bring out the beauty that already exists within you. We believe that transparency is the foundation of business and beauty, and that skincare ingredients should be clean, safe, and non-harmful in any way. We believe that skincare should adapt to our lifestyles, not the other way around. We’re committed to creating simple skincare products for the complex, beautiful, and bold woman.


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