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    Ever met a woman that immediately grabs your attention because she oozes confidence and an undefined energy?


The Bold & Bare woman


You may or may not be familiar with the following quote by Queen Latifah: “Be bold, be brave enough to be your true self.” This quote pretty much embodies the Bold & Bare woman.

Ever met a woman that immediately grabs your attention because she oozes confidence and an undefined energy? You feel at ease next to her because she is authentic and feels comfortable in any situations. She carries herself with ease and isn’t afraid to show her imperfections, which is why she is like a breath of fresh air! Here are a few things that a Bold & Bare woman does differently in life:

She Knows What She Wants

The Bold & Bare woman takes the time to learn what she wants, rather than chase other’s ideals.   She is fearless and knows that her abilities to achieve anything are limitless.  She might well be ambitious – striving to reach to the top, or she might set herself goals that suit the type of person she is and make sure she reaches them.  The BB woman isn’t afraid to make her needs and wishes known, and set them as priorities in her life.  No matter what her goals are, she knows she’s going to get there.

She Knows Who She Is

The BB woman isn’t afraid of asking ‘Who am I, really?’ Always open to explore her identity, her preferences and her values and learn something new about herself and life every day. She is a bold and beautiful woman that knows what goes on in her mind and her soul. She has learned to accept and appreciate who she is today and not get stuck in opinions or made up self images. And she will not settle for anything less than her standards.

It’s not your job to like me, it’s mine

She Boldly Chases Her Dreams

If she dreams about it, she makes it happen.  Like everyone, the BB woman has dreams, but she makes sure that she turns them into reality. She believes that she can accomplish everything that she sets out to do, and that optimism helps her shape her dream life. Dreams are there to strive for, and she chases them until they’re no longer imagined, they’re real.

She Is Unafraid To Show Her True Self

Everything about the BB woman is real – she is unafraid to show who she is, believing that she is strong enough and brave enough to be herself.  This confidence allows her inner beauty to shine through too and is often the magnet that draws other people to her.

Always be a first-rate version of yourself instead of a second-rate version of somebody else.

She Is Comfortable in Her Own Skin

Similar to above, the BB woman is comfortable in her own skin – that means wherever she is and whoever she’s with she wears it well.  She can just as easily put on her make-up and be confident but equally, she is comfortable going bare-skinned.  Being self-assured she knows just how unique she is, no matter the circumstances.

She Is Not Afraid to be Imperfect

Beauty is not about perfection.  In fact, the BB woman embraces her imperfections as they are part of who she is, they’re what make her unique.  This is part of her confidence and confident women are always beautiful.

To be Bold & Bare you must embrace who you are and relish your own independence.  Beauty comes in many shapes and forms but mostly, it comes from inner confidence.  So, go down in life as someone who’s not afraid to bend the rules and be courageous.  Go after what you love, be happy with who you are and don’t be scared to kick up your own heels and create a storm!

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