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It’s fair to say that as much as we love holidays, they can be too much fun and sometimes overwhelming. With all the parties, family and social gatherings you’ve probably gone off track from your routine and now it’s hard to get back into it. If you’re feeling a bit ‘Meh’ and in need of some self-care, why not plan a weekend getaway with yourself?


Catch up on sleep

While we all love parties and spending nights celebrating with friends and family, you’ve probably also missed on some zzz. Try to opt out from social for a weekend and instead read a book and catch up on sleep.  It’s important to be well rested and have the right focus to achieve those bold goals you’ve set for 2019.


Take some time for yourself

Take some time and go back to yourself. In solitude, you can rediscover what makes you feel like you. Use your time alone to rest, reset and recover. Do something that brings you pleasure and get lost in time.
It’s a new year and you probably have tons of plans and resolutions. It’s good to just get back to yourself and prioritize your life.


Eat better

Whether it’s a full-blown detox you undergo or simply start your day with a cup of lemon water, your body will thank you. Your digestive system needs a break and what better to nourish it with fresh fruits and veggies. Include fresh juices daily and just start getting back to eating more healthy.


Get back to exercise

Big applause if you’ve managed to keep up your exercise routine during the hols, but chances are you slacked a bit. There’s nothing better to detox than sweating it out, so it’s time to get back to it. If you’re feeling a bit unmotivated why not try a new class or get a trainer as a gift to yourself to kick start your year!


Give your skin some love

If you’ve had one too many cocktails and indulged in copious amounts of desserts, your skin will probably show it. It’s time for a mini detox, and we have the mask for you. The purity mask is the perfect way to start your skincare regime from a clean slate and renew your skin from inside out. Follow with Bare elixir to give the much-needed nourishment and hydration. You’ll be looking fresh and glowing in no time.


Reflect on the past year and look forward to the new one

With our crazy busy schedules its so easy to get carried away and forget what’s important. Pause for a minute, reflect on your past year and look forward with a new perspective. Re-evaluate what you’ve achieved, your goals and next steps. It takes boldness to be honest with yourself, know where you are in life and get excited for what the future holds.


How will you take care of yourself and get back on track this year?

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