Morning routine   How you start your morning sets the tone of the day and puts you in the mood to go bold. Start with the right attitude and your days will flow easier. And while everyone’s life and routines are different, here are some ideas to win the morning consistently:

Smile first thing you open your eyes

No matter what lies ahead of you, it’s a new day, a fresh beginning and you are alive! Those should be enough reasons to smile! And do it as genuinely as possible. Direct your smile first to yourself and then onto your loved one or just the day ahead. This will straight away improve your mood and set the right tone!

Move your body

There’s no better way to awaken the body and brain then moving your body. This doesn’t have to be a 2-hour yoga class (or can) but even a 10-minute workout will do wonders. It will elevate your mood, and it will give you a sense of accomplishment that will carry you through your day. And even with no time for exercise, why not dance around while brushing your teeth?

Look in the mirror and like what you see

So often we look in the mirror and focus on criticism, rather than what we like. Shift the way you see yourself starting this morning. Have a meaningful look into your eyes and give yourself a compliment (or better 10).

Have a plan

Planning sounds boring, so let’s say jot down what YOU want to do today. It’s easy to get caught up in other people’s agendas and tasks. Make sure you focus on you over everything and everyone else. Learn to stay on track and chase your dreams, not others!

Do something different

Every day, even for 5 minutes. It’s so easy to keep doing the usual comfortable things and become stagnant. Bold women challenge themselves and overcome fears. You don’t need earth-shattering changes every day. Even by doing small shifts your life will take on new flavors and never be boring.
And there you have it, no matter if you have 5 min or 1,5h you can easily improve your routine! What can you start doing from tomorrow to own your mornings and seize the day?

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