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Ingredients to stay away from

You want what’s best for your skin. Then, you should probably learn a thing or two about ingredients. While understanding the extensive lists of ingredients written in tiny fonts is sometimes challenging, below is the top list to stay away from:


Abbreviations for unpronounceable names diethanolamine, triethanolamine and monoethanolamine, are ethanolamines—used as emulsifiers and foaming agents in cosmetics, shampoos, soaps, body washes, shaving creams, fragrances and sunscreen. The International Agency for Research on Cancer warns that these can react form a carcinogenic combination, better avoid.


Sodium lauryl sulfate did not start as an ingredient that was meant for use in consumer products. It was initially sold as an industrial strength detergent primarily used for heavy-duty cleaners and degreasers. It is now found in products which are in close and frequent contact with human skin. You definitely don’t want it anywhere near your skin!


Used to lighten and even skin tone, hydroquinone is banned in Europe, Japan, and Australia, and has been shown to enhance carcinogenic risk by damaging DNA. Studies have shown it to be a skin allergen and respiratory toxin. In addition, it can decrease skin elasticity and cause thinning of the skin.

Mineral oil

The World Health Organization considers mineral oil a carcinogen. Although mineral oil never spoils and does a good job of trapping moisture, it creates a film that clogs pores, thus hindering the skin’s ability to slough away debris and excrete toxins.

Parabens (methylparaben, isobutylparaben and propylparaben)

These preservatives have been used since the 1920s to prevent growth of bacteria and mold in facial cleansers, body washes, lotions, antiperspirant, and foundation. Several studies showed that the chemicals have been linked to endocrine disruption,  potentially affecting hormonal balance. Other research also suggests parabens may enable development of cancer in human breast tissue.


According to the Mayo Clinic, triclosan alters hormone regulation in research animals (and likely in humans as well) and may be harmful to the immune system. It’s a synthetic antibacterial agent that may disrupt thyroid function and can degrade into a form of dioxin, a class of chemicals linked to a broad range of toxicities including cancer.


Found just about any product, this is an unregulated ingredient that includes harmful chemicals. It’s a general term used for many different ingredients used as fragrance and has been banned in the EU. Generally speaking avoid products that contain this, and instead go for fragrance free like our Dare To Go Bare Duo.

Too much info? We get it. These ingredients are avoidable – if you are observant and take the time to check. At Bold & Bare we will save you the hassle of having to check our product contents each time, we’re all about bare and naturally-derived ingredients. We promise to be 100% transparent about what we put in our bottles, that you put on your skin. Questions? Just ask!

xx Bold & Bare

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