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How to make (and keep) bold new year’s resolutions

It’s that time of the year again! You’re rushing through gift shopping, decorating, party planning and eating copious amounts of food. And while you’re at it why not pause for a moment and reflect on the passing year and what YOU want for 2019. Enter the year full of dreams, hopes and bold goals for 2019! But our experience shows that not many last beyond January, and we’re here to explain why and how to make them stick:


Go bold or go home

Resolutions should scare you a little and inspire you a lot. Why set something small that feels like a task that you can achieve anyway. Shoot for the stars, think big, a lot of things can change in 365 days. Focus on whom you can become by the end of the year if you accomplish even a few.


Stop the all or nothing mentality

Slip-ups can happen and most probably will. Instead of giving up your resolution altogether, only aim to do a bit and get back on track. Don’t have 40 min today for the gym, why not do a 10 min YouTube video? This way you stay on track and know that you are doing your best with the time you have.


Don’t place so much importance on the date

Really, every day can be a New Year. It’s all psychology. Of course, it’s great to sit with a pen and paper on the 31st and make big plans, but this can also be done at any point during the year. Heck! Even during midday, you can change the course of your day!


Don’t look so far ahead of you

When you feel like you have to do something for a year, it’s usually terrifying and feels like too much pressure. Instead, focus on one day at a time and building habits. They say it takes 21 days to build a habit so aim for that, and once you finish you might realize how much you enjoy the new you and continue it naturally.


Don’t be so harsh on yourself

Nobody’s perfect and wouldn’t it be boring anyway? If you ate that brownie or skipped the exercise, don’t just quit altogether! Look at these as adjustments and then start afresh tomorrow.


Remember that it was your choice and have fun with it

You’re not doing it for anyone else; you’re doing it for you. And why? To become better, to do things you’ve never done before and to have fun! Remember that when everything feels like a push.


Celebrate what you do. Reward yourself

So many times we notice our slip offs and rarely see our victories. Of course, you won’t want to achieve anything this way! Start noticing even small achievements and start treating yourself more. Why not buy new trendy yoga pants or go to a spa if you’ve been exercising consistently?


Enjoy the journey

Stop thinking about the destination so much; life is not a getting to a point B affair. Look at yourself as a work of art in the making, observe the changes and enjoy every second of it!


What are your resolutions for 2019 and what will you do to make them stick?

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