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How to feel good in your own skin

Nothing is sweeter than being unapologetically you. Don’t live your life just to impress others. Reveal your truth, express your love, boldly live your dreams. ~Amaka Nkosazana

We all know the kind of women that always seem so effortlessly at ease with who they are. They proudly wear their individuality and looks,  speak their mind and are not afraid to look silly. Everything seems to come naturally to them. Have you ever wondered if they are born with it or is this something that can be developed?

We get to the bottom of how you can step on your journey to becoming one.

Be honest with who you are

You’ve heard that beauty is an inside job, but what exactly does that mean? True beauty comes from how you love and care for yourself. It’s unapologetic. It’s about fully accepting, owning and boldly showing who you are! To realize this, is the first step to self-discovery and appreciation. You become your best friend and supporter, never stray away from your truth and that’s when you feel completely beautiful and unique. Beauty is never dependent on the approval of others.

You are the one who owns your thoughts and feelings about yourself, nobody else. This in itself should give you an immense amount of control and confidence. And with this comes the #boldandbare attitude.

Set your own standards

Today it might be harder than ever to stay authentic to who you are, especially when every magazine seems to be telling women the do’s and the don’ts. Social media often portrays flawless skin, weight, being so put together. If this is your standard then go ahead. But make sure this is by choice and not self imposed and something unattainable. Your identity is not defined at all by what others say but by your strength and beauty. Often times we don’t know how to be ourselves because we don’t spend enough time alone, so take the time each day to get to know yourself better. And watch your thought and opinions about yourself, you can change them!

Become present and self-aware

Being present has been spoken about for centuries, and trust us its not mambo-jumbo. Did you catch yourself worrying or obsessively thinking about something while missing the complete conversation with a friend. Or don’t remember how your morning went and even if you brushed your teeth because you were so focused on your to do list? We get it.. Instead try to bring yourself gently to the things you are doing, enjoy them and try to be more present. Presence brings more power to you and removes the focus from any unhealthy thoughts on worries. So become more present and live in the moment!

Do what makes you happy

Take time to think about the things you enjoy and that make you happy. Oftentimes we end up saying yes to the things that we don’t really want to do or people we don’t feel like spending time with. Learn to listen to your needs and to say no when needed. Feeling like sitting home while all your friends are out, why not? Don’t be afraid to start focusing on what you like to do, you’ll get a sense of authenticity.

To feel good in your own skin requires many ingredients, an attention to self, a brutal honesty with who you are, self care and emotional balance. All of this is a journey possibly of a lifetime but is so well worth it.

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