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Free shipping & easy returns for US orders.
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5 Skincare & Beauty Tips From French Women.

Detoxifies, renews & nourishes your skin in 10 minutes!

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1.EMBRACE YOUR AGE – aging gracefully is a mindset. Rather than trying to chase someone else’s ideal of beauty, focus on what fits you and how you present yourself. Learn to embody this joie de vivre, live in the here, embrace your age and become a better version of yourself.
2.DON’T SEEK PERFECTION – Instead of trying to achieve a flawless look, you should realize there’s nothing to correct in the way you look. A little dash of imperfection makes you only more unique. Everyone is different, and instead of trying to fit the imposed standards of beauty, you should emphasize the UNIQUE aspects of your look. That’s what makes you who you are!
3.TREAT YOUR COMPLEXION WITH CARE– When you overload or stress your skin too much, you can cause irritation and inflammation. A gentler, more natural approach allows your skin to regulate itself naturally without a vicious cycle of stripping and rehydrating. If you’re motto is “pain is beauty”, you should perhaps rethink your routine.
4.SKIN IS EVERYTHING – Focus more on healthy, great-looking skin rather than on covering its issues with layers of makeup. Because when your skin is glowing, wearing makeup feels like adding a cherry on top of an already splendid cake.
When you prioritize a good skincare routine and use effective products, you’ll need a lot less makeup.
5.LESS IS MORE – adopt a less is more approach to skincare. It’s better to invest in a few quality products and avoid overcomplicating your routine.

“The Purity Mask is by far the best clay mask I have ever used. A plant-boosted clay mask, it’s made to detox skin and increase brightness and glow. And Let me tell you, it does just that. I honestly noticed a difference after one use.”

“Sometimes you come across a skincare brand that seems to embody everything you are about, especially when that brand is all about being bold, being fierce, and being bare."

Why Less is More?

You don’t need a complicated, multi-step skincare routine. The secret is more in simplicity. Ditch the quick fixes for lasting flawless skin. Adopt a natural, lit from within approach to your skincare.
Numerous scientific studies revealed that many skin care products available on the market today are packed with dangerous chemicals that are toxic to your skin and often overload and stress it, causing it to lose its natural restoring abilities.
It’s a vicious cycle – you use these skin products, they disrupt your skin’s natural defenses and cause stress, making it look dull and congested. That in turn provokes you to use even more such products, hoping it will magically solve the problem!

"I’m honestly in love with both products. The mask was so gentle, purifying and brightening. I struggle with pigmentation and after every use my skin was noticeable brighter. Using the elixir after makes my skin hydrated and plump."

Lisa D.

"I am obsessed with the Bare Elixir!  I have tried so many skincare serums and this elixir is the best. It leaves my skin with such a beautiful glow that I can go make-up free! You guys have a fan for life!"

Cynthia F.

“At Bold & Bare, we say less is more. We want women to feel as good as they look, no matter how busy they are without compromising quality or safety."

The Effortless Solution For Natural Beauty.

Bold & Bare is all about bringing skincare back to basics while still powering its results. It's an unfussy approach to beauty for the dynamic, on-the-go woman we all represent.
The two essential products –Purity Mask and Bare Elixir  are formulated to be truly multitasking and are proven to renew, balance, and nourish the skin. They provide maximum efficacy and believe in real results: safety and performance are not compromised.
The result? You’ll want to ditch your foundation, because your skin will be hydrated, plump and healthy, all with the help of 2 products that are multi-purpose, 100% vegan, natural, toxin-free, and safe for the environment.

"I just begun using these products and am so excited to have found it. Its made my skin clear and calm and soft. I can be sensitive and have enjoyed using such a deep cleanse and oil that is so effective yet gentle on the skin."

Clare - Bold & Bare customer

Join Thousands Of Empowered Women.

You Can Be Bold With Bare Minimum.

At Bold & Bare we believe that YOU deserve only natural, ethical skincare products that will make keep skin HEALTHY and RADIANT. This is what Bold & Bare skincare products are all about:
  • Simple, fuss-free skincare – You no longer need to look for complex routines, and instructions. It’s only two products that supercharge your results!
  • Easy to use – Make your skincare routine effortless and quick. All it takes is 10 minutes! Use that time to do something bold instead!
  • Made of natural ingredients – no toxins, no risks, good for your skin and for our planet. Always Vegan & Cruelty-Free.
  • Backed by science – our products are based on clinically tested and researched formulas that combine botanicals and clean actives for maximum results.
  • French-Inspired, Made in USA – Timeless formulas, enhanced with modern high-performing ingredients sourced locally in USA.
For effortlessly clear, plump and bright skin in less than 10 minutes
Dare to Go Bare Duo 

Bold & Bare Products are tailor-made for environmentally conscious women.

We care about making our products safe and healthy for you—and our planet. That’s why we use no extra packaging, no parabens or phthalates and 1,300 chemicals banned in Europe. We are cruelty-free and leaping bunny certified.



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