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    The driving force behind creating Bold & Bare. 


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    The game-changing serum to end all serums.


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    Ever met a woman that immediately grabs your attention because she oozes confidence and an undefined energy?





Today on social media, we are bombarded with miraculous products that promise to give us glowing, flawless skin. When you decide to give them a try, you find yourself with a bathroom full of products that sometimes overlap each other. But you tell yourself that it's okay. More protection and care should be better than none, right?

Not exactly. While women's approach to beauty in the US is all about quick fixes and looking perfect, the opposite approach is widespread in Western Europe. In France, in particular, women leave their homes every morning with only a slight layer of makeup on their faces. 

If you’ve ever been to France or at least watched a French movie, then you would have noticed a self-assuredness to the women there. They don’t seem to care what anyone else thinks and have this effortless beauty that is hard to miss. Not to mention their so-healthy, so-youthful, so-flawless skin.

Ever wondered what they do differently? 


You won’t find French women chasing youth and doing countless surgeries to appear something they are not. They want above all to be the best possible version of themselves at any age. 

French women are all about aging gracefully, which doesn’t mean filling your face with chemicals. Beauty comes from nature, that’s why they prefer to stay natural and learn to embrace their beauty at every age.

But most importantly, aging gracefully is a mindset. French women are confident in their own skin. Rather than trying to chase someone else’s ideal of beauty, they focus on what fits them and how they present themselves. They embody this joie de vivre, they live in the here. Accept that aging is a natural process, and that despite life being challenging sometimes, you’re here and there’s a lot to enjoy.


American beauty is often about looking “flawless”. French women, on the other hand, have a more relaxed approach. French beauty doesn’t focus on a sense of shiny perfection. The coolest French girl is the one who makes people think she’s not trying too hard. The one showing an effortless type of beauty. Au natural is the only way to go.

In France, women accept imperfections. And so can you do too. Emphasize the unique aspects of your face and body, instead of trying to move towards a specific standard of beauty. Criticize the rules that limit how you should look. When you keep your beauty maintenance to a minimum, you’ll have more fun in the areas of life that make it worth living. You’d be out in the world gazing each moment instead of wasting time away in the bathroom.

There’s nothing to correct in the way you look. A little dash of imperfection makes you only more unique. Who you are is more than enough.


If there’s one thing French women are known for, it’s their natural-looking complexions. They don’t feel the need to use any products that are harsh or stripping. They adopt a gentler, “nothing harsh” approach to skincare.

Beauty should be something that gives you pleasure. So, do away with the “if it’s burning, it must be working” or “if it’s expensive, it must be effective” approach to skincare. In the US women often talk about crash diets, laser treatments, and invasive facials, all in the name of beauty. French skincare, on the other hand, are more centered around feeling good.

This is not just a good piece of advice. When you overload or stress your skin too much, you can cause small bumps and inflammation. A minimalist approach allows your skin to regulate itself naturally without a vicious cycle of stripping and rehydrating.

If you’re motto is “pain is beauty”, you should perhaps rethink your routine. Make it kinder, easier, gentler, and more enjoyable for you. Your skin will thank you for this.



Skincare is more important than makeup. A bit of makeup can enhance your natural features and boost your confidence. However, makeup alone is not the answer to looking your best.

Your skin will thrive when it’s cared for. That’s why when you focus on a good skincare routine and use effective products, you’ll need a lot less makeup. Even when you wear makeup, it will look much better.

French women follow the "less is more" maxim when it comes to make up, too. Their emphasis is more on healthy, great-looking skin rather than on covering its issues with layers of products. Because when your skin is glowing, wearing makeup feels like adding a cherry on top of an already splendid cake.

You don’t need a complicated, multi-step skincare routine. The French beauty secret is more about simplicity. Ditch the quick fixes for lasting healthy skin. Adopt a natural, lit from within approach to your skincare. It’s just that simple.


French women embrace their natural beauty and celebrate their imperfections.  A natural healthy glow is always in fashion. They know that they need to take care of their body inside out, with a good diet, exercise for fun, and a good skincare regime.

French women also have a less is more approach to products. It’s better to invest in a few quality skincare products to achieve great skin in a few easy steps.

Just the right amount of skincare, with the right ingredients. The modern French woman no longer buys famous French brands that are plein with synthetic ingredients! They’ve begun to buy local & foreign brands that promise all natural ingredients, as you’ll see in Parisian skincare stores.

With so many new products and wild beauty trends popping up everywhere, finding a simple skincare routine and sticking to it seems almost impossible. Not to mention when you try to fit your prepping time in your overpacked schedule. This is what pushed Iana Bertini, a busy woman living between Europe, Dubai, and the US, to create a skincare line for women like her.


Like the rest of us, Iana spent many hours and many dollars trying to find beauty products that could go beyond all that marketing, packaging, and branding fuss. Products that achieved what they promised to deliver. Finally, she set out to create them herself.

The inspiration for this minimalist beauty brand came from one of her travels around France. There, she fell in love with French women's attitude towards beauty and skincare. Their routines were – and still are – so effortless and simple that it's almost impossible not to be captivated by their je ne sais quoi

With that in mind, she was determined to get rid of the idea that skincare and makeup are always there to fix or disguise something. In other words, she adopted a French approach to skincare. And, just like the French way of vivre, she wanted other women to embrace their own beauty, too. Without all the fuss.

However, when Iana started looking for products to incorporate in her skincare routine, she was disappointed to discover that none fit in well. You either had to use multiple products to follow an elaborate routine, or the ingredients used were not natural and effective. Not to mention that all beauty brands were marketing to women's lack of perfect skin, rather than on pampering the natural beauty we all already have. Tired of these skin-shaming marketing tactics, Iana created a skincare line to empower women to look natural and stop hiding their imperfections.

Creating such innovative and yet minimalistic products was not a walkover. She worked for over two years with the best chemists in both France and the US. Despite all the efforts, she firmly believed in the power behind her idea. She wasn't targeting women like other beauty brands usually do. She was creating products that could first talk to herself and all the other women that – like her – want to look and feel good regardless of how full their lives are. Not everything should revolve around our looks. 


"I set out to create skincare for the modern-day woman, encouraging them to simplify and embrace their real beauty and be bold about it. We aim to provide easy-to-use, minimalist offerings that women can feel confident in.", said Iana when asked to talk about her brand’s approach to beauty. "We won't sell products by making women feel like they're less without them." So, less is indeed more, but even if you get less, you should still be getting more. Not the other way around.

“Sometimes you come across a skincare brand that seems to embody everything you are about, especially when that brand is all about being bold, being fierce, and being bare.”

-The Daily Coco

“While nourishing your face for the long-term it gives you what everyone wants — almost instant results. We saw the difference the next morning.”

-Daily Candid

At Bold & Bare we say “less is more.” Our line is a super multitasker that can replace almost everything on your vanity — with just two products.


Bold & Bare is all about bringing skincare back to basics while still powering its results. It's an unfussy approach to beauty for the dynamic, on-the-go woman we all represent. Skincare is meant to be easy, and having too many choices isn’t always a good thing. That's why they offer two essential products: The Purity Mask and the Bare Elixir. 

When creating Bold&Bare, one of Iana’s foremost considerations was on getting away from the commerce model that inundates people with ineffective and expensive choices. Besides being clean, vegan, cruelty-free, their formulations are also meant to be highly versatile for women who want to look and feel good without having to spend hours for her skincare routine. This brand's go-to philosophy is that each of their products should achieve three things: be right for you, be easy to use, and provide multiple benefits. Easy enough.

At Bold&Bare, we don’t only follow strict internal quality processes, but we also formulate to European Union standards. Ensuring that each product is safe, non-toxic, and effective is our first concern. That's why we banned over 1,300 toxins and questionable ingredients.

We said “good-bye and never see you again” to all the standard toxic ingredients you can possibly imagine. So, no glycols, parabens, sulfates, and more! We didn’t take this decision light-heartedly. Clean beauty should be the norm, not a luxury only few can afford. Effective skincare should be accessible, affordable, and result-driven. 

In the Bold&Bare products, these harmful ingredients have been replaced with things like peptides, peonies, gotu kola, and hyaluronic acid. You can google each of them. Their profile is clean. It’s their results that make the magic happen, not us.

Effectiveness aside, Bold&Bare also appeals to the Marie Kondo in all of us. As we declutter every other area of our lives, it only makes sense that the bathroom cabinet goes KonMari too.

“The Purity Mask is by far the best clay mask I have ever used. A plant-boosted clay mask, it’s made to detox skin and increase brightness and glow. And Let me tell you, it does just that. I honestly noticed a difference after one use.”

-The Spa Insider


“Rosehips and peonies, yes please! Bold and Bare mastered the all-in-one with their Bare Elixir. Avocado oil is used as a carrier to bring out the benefits of its flower extracts. This lightweight serum acts as a moisturizer and primer.”

-The Chill Times

If your bathroom counter is covered in tubes, bottles, and jars of skincare products, it’s time to simplify in the name of bare beauty. It’s the bold new option, one that brings you clean formulations that are vegan, cruelty-free, luxurious, and good for your skin.

Bold & Bare™ only has two products in its line, created exclusively to simplify your life without compromising your beauty. The products –Purity Mask and Bare Elixir – are designed to be used in multiple ways. It was the brand's mission to clear the clutter from your vanity and bring you simplified beauty that you could do in minutes before dashing out the door.

By taking the fussiness out of skincare, you are able to look and feel good without going through countless steps to achieve healthy and glowing skin.

“Bold & Bare wants women to feel as good as they look no matter how busy they are without compromising quality or safety.”



"I’m honestly in love with this mask. It was so gentle, moisturizing and brightening. I struggle with pigmentation and after every use my skin was noticeable brighter."

Lisa D.

"I am obsessed with the Bare Elixir!  I have tried so many skincare serums and this elixir is the best. It leaves my skin with such a beautiful glow! You guys have a fan for life!"

Cynthia F.

Bold & Bare is formulated to work in several ways to make it truly multitasking and deliver bold results. The two products have been created to complement each other and are all natural, vegan and cruelty-free. Both products are filled with high-performing and clean actives like oils and plant extracts, turmeric, hyaluronic acid, peptides, peony extract, Vitamin C and E.

The Purity Mask, a deeply purifying and brightening clay mask with nourishing plant extracts, is a multitasking product to smooth away dullness and clean pores. It increases cell turnover and brings new life to your complexion. The gentle clays pull excess oils and toxins from the skin without drying it, and the plant extracts remove dead skin to help bring a natural glow to the complexion.

The Bare Elixir, Bold & Bare’s ultimate multitasking product, is a beauty serum with skin enhancing properties that nourish, hydrate and give the complexion a healthy glow. A combination of oils and peptides to hydrate and nourish the skin from the inside out, it penetrates deeply into the skin to reveal even, plump skin and improve collagen production. This elixir increases the hydration levels of the skin and protect it from environmental stress. The Bare Elixir is ideal for any skin type.


Free of parabens, silicones, phthalates, mineral oil, propylene glycol, and synthetic fragrance, each of our forward-thinking formulas is made of bare ingredients and high-performance actives. Relying on simple, naturally-derived ingredients, Bold & Bare is proven to renew, balance, and nourish the skin. They provide maximum efficacy and believe in real results: safety and performance are not compromised.

The result? You’ll want to ditch your foundation, because your skin will be hydrated, plump and healthy, all with the help of 2 products that are multi-purpose, 100% vegan, natural, toxin-free, and safe for the environment.

Try the essential skin care by Bold & Bare and fall in love with your bare skin.

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