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What French women know about skincare



Try this effortless skincare routine that's taking over the internet.

Today on social media, we are bombarded with miraculous products that promise to give us glowing, flawless skin. When you decide to give them a try, you find yourself with a bathroom full of products that sometimes overlap each other. But you tell yourself that it's okay. More protection and care should be better than none, right?
Not exactly. While women's approach to beauty in the US is all about quick fixes and looking perfect, the opposite approach is widespread in Western Europe. In France, in particular, women leave their homes every morning with only a slight layer of makeup on their faces. 
If you’ve ever been to France or at least watched a French movie, then you would have noticed a self-assuredness to the women there. They don’t seem to care what anyone else thinks and have this effortless beauty that is hard to miss. Not to mention their so-healthy, so-youthful, so-flawless skin.
Ever wondered what they do differently? 
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  – 2-step effortless routine to detox and nourish
  – Clean, active ingredients, Vegan & Cruelty-Free

1. They embrace aging

You won’t find French women chasing youth and doing countless surgeries to appear something they are not. They want above all to be the best possible version of themselves at any age. French women are all about aging gracefully, which doesn’t mean filling your face with chemicals. Beauty comes from nature, that’s why they prefer to stay natural and learn to embrace their beauty at every age.
But most importantly, aging gracefully is a mindset. French women are confident in their own skin. Accept that aging is a natural process, and that despite life being challenging sometimes, you’re here and there’s a lot to enjoy.

2. They don't seek perfection

American beauty is often about looking “flawless”. French women, on the other hand, have a more relaxed approach. French beauty doesn’t focus on a sense of shiny perfection. The coolest French girl is the one who makes people think she’s not trying too hard. The one showing an effortless type of beauty. Au natural is the only way to go.
There’s nothing to correct in the way you look. A little dash of imperfection makes you only more unique. Who you are is more than enough.

3. They treat their complexions with great care

If there’s one thing French women are known for, it’s their natural-looking complexions. They don’t feel the need to use any products that are harsh or stripping. They adopt a gentler, “nothing harsh” approach to skincare.
This is not just a good piece of advice. When you overload or stress your skin too much, you can cause small bumps and inflammation. A minimalist approach allows your skin to regulate itself naturally without a vicious cycle of stripping and rehydrating.

4. Skin is everything

Skincare is more important than makeup. A bit of makeup can enhance your natural features and boost your confidence. However, makeup alone is not the answer to looking your best.
Your skin will thrive when it’s cared for. That’s why when you focus on a good skincare routine and use effective products, you’ll need a lot less makeup. Even when you wear makeup, it will look much better. You don’t need a complicated, multi-step skincare routine. The French beauty secret is more about simplicity. Ditch the quick fixes for lasting healthy skin. Adopt a natural, lit from within approach to your skincare. It’s just that simple.

5. They have a natural approach to beauty

French women embrace their natural beauty and celebrate their imperfections.  A natural healthy glow is always in fashion. They know that they need to take care of their body inside out, with a good diet, exercise for fun, and a good skincare regime.
French women also have a less is more approach to products. It’s better to invest in a few quality skincare products to achieve great skin in a few easy steps.

Meet Bold & Bare - skincare for effortlessly simple and real beauty. 


Smoother, softer skin in only 10-minutes


Unique oil-serum for healthy, glowing skin.


Welcome to effortlessly good skin.

Bold & Bare is all about bringing skincare back to basics while still powering its results. It's an unfussy approach to beauty for the dynamic, on-the-go woman we all represent. Skincare is meant to be easy, and having too many choices isn’t always a good thing. That's why they offer two essential products: The Purity Mask and the Bare Elixir. 
When creating Bold&Bare, one of our founder's foremost considerations was on getting away from the commerce model that inundates women with ineffective and expensive choices. Besides being clean, vegan, cruelty-free, their formulations are also meant to be highly versatile for women who want to look and feel good without having to spend hours for her skincare routine. This brand's go-to philosophy is that each of their products should achieve three things: be right for you, be easy to use, and provide multiple benefits. Easy enough.
At Bold&Bare, we don’t only follow strict internal quality processes, but we also formulate to European Union standards. Ensuring that each product is safe, non-toxic, and effective is our first concern. That's why we banned over 1,300 toxins and questionable ingredients.
Clean beauty should be the norm, not a luxury only few can afford.Any toxic ingredients have been replaced with actives like peptides, peonies, gotu kola, and hyaluronic acid. Effective skincare should be accessible, affordable, and result-driven. 
Effectiveness aside, Bold&Bare also appeals to the Marie Kondo in all of us. As we declutter every other area of our lives, it only makes sense that the bathroom cabinet goes KonMari too.

“The Purity Mask is by far the best clay mask I have ever used. A plant-boosted clay mask, it’s made to detox skin and increase brightness and glow. And Let me tell you, it does just that. I honestly noticed a difference after one use.”

“Rosehips and peonies, yes please! Bold and Bare mastered the all-in-one with their Bare Elixir. Avocado oil is used as a carrier to bring out the benefits of its flower extracts. This lightweight serum acts as a moisturizer and primer.”

The Bold & Bare difference

"I’m honestly in love with both products. The mask was so gentle, purifying and brightening. I struggle with pigmentation and after every use my skin was noticeable brighter. Using the elixir after makes my skin hydrated and plump."

Lisa D.

"I am obsessed with the Bare Elixir!  I have tried so many skincare serums and this elixir is the best. It leaves my skin with such a beautiful glow that I can go make-up free! You guys have a fan for life!"

Cynthia F.

Bold & Bare is formulated to work in several ways to make it truly multitasking and deliver bold results. The two products have been created to complement each other and are all natural, vegan and cruelty-free. Both products are filled with high-performing and clean actives like oils and plant extracts, turmeric, hyaluronic acid, peptides, peony extract, Vitamin C and E.
The Purity Mask, a deeply purifying and brightening clay mask with nourishing plant extracts, is a multitasking product to smooth away dullness and clean pores. It increases cell turnover and brings new life to your complexion. The gentle clays pull excess oils and toxins from the skin without drying it, and the plant extracts remove dead skin to help bring a natural glow to the complexion.
The Bare Elixir, Bold & Bare’s ultimate multitasking product, is a beauty serum with skin enhancing properties that nourish, hydrate and give the complexion a healthy glow. A combination of oils and peptides to hydrate and nourish the skin from the inside out, it penetrates deeply into the skin to reveal even, plump skin and improve collagen production. This elixir increases the hydration levels of the skin and protect it from environmental stress. The Bare Elixir is ideal for any skin type.
The result? You’ll want to ditch your foundation, because your skin will be hydrated, plump and healthy, all with the help of 2 products that are multi-purpose, 100% vegan, natural, toxin-free, and safe for the environment.


We create unparalleled, skin-loving, botanical formulas and pair them with clean actives for the best results. 

French rose clay – detoxes and renews 
Witch hazel – anti-inflammatory  
Kelp extract – nourishes and refines
Turmeric – brightens and fights free radicals
Avocado oil – strengthens skin barrier

Kakadu plum – reduces pigmentation
Peony flowers– moisturizes and antioxidant
Hyaluronic Acid – nourishes and plumps
Peptides – Smoothes fine lines
Rosehip Seed Oil - Brightens





We say NO to 1,300 chemicals banned in Europe.
Here are some common ingredients we formulate without.



We are cruelty-free and leaping bunny certified.



  • This multi-purpose serum is SO lux & it works! I saw a huge difference in about 4-5 days.


    I travel a lot and it’s been so wonderful for post flight skincare because its detoxifying and leaves my skin feeling baby smooth without any over drying effects. I can honestly say it’s one of the best clay masks I’ve ever used!


    My skin feels silky and smooth when I apply the Elixir. It’s become a part of my daily routine instead of a regular primer.

  • I love using Bare Elixir at night because provides more long-term hydration than a serum, but doesn’t feel as overbearing as an oil does. It allows me to go to bed with my face feeling lightweight, yet still deeply moisturized.


    My newest secret to feeling confident in my natural sans make up and filters look… this amazing mask from @boldbare skincare!


    My newest secret to feeling confident in my natural sans make up and filters look... this amazing oil from @boldbare skincare!

  • Magic !
    The best elixir for dry skin ! My skin looks fresh and hydrated !:)


    It's fantastic! It left my skin instantly rejuvenated and purified! After only one use my skin was firmer, smoother and more radiant. It even brightened the sunspots I worked so shamelessly on this summer. I’m hooked for life!


    It's super gentle but gives an active exfoliation that brightens, and tones without drying out the skin. I love doing this mask and then following up with the Bold & Bare serum, which I am obsessed with, such a great combo of products!


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