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BoldTalk with Nathalia Ashba

Welcome to The BoldTalk, where we interview some of the most intriguing and bold women around the world. In this series, we get (virtually) up close and personal to explore their definitions of beauty, path to self-confidence, and the power of femininity.

Photo by Martina Zandonella

This week we chat with gorgeous Nathalia Ashba, an Italo-Colombian influencer based in Las Vegas. She started her modeling career at the age of 12 in Milan.  In 2013 she won Miss model of Europe, which opened her doors in the italian tv entertainment until she moved to the United States, where she met her husband, Guns N’ Roses former guitarist, Dj Ashba.

When Nathalia moved to Las Vegas, in 2013, she decided to use all her skills she learnt from the fashion and the beauty industry and her passion for traveling, to create the multilingual blog “According to Naty”. In 2014, she launched her youtube channel, “Naty Ashba”, where she shares videos in English, Spanish and Italian.  In 2014, She launched a sunglasses collection and a t-shirt collection in collaboration with Manymal in 2015.

She’s also the creator of the app “Naty”, a fashion app available on the apple store till 2017. She won special recognition as “International Designer Revelation” 2016 at the LATINO SHOW AWARDS 2016, in Cali, Colombia. In 2016 and 2017, she was an official social media influencer for the Latin Billboards and she was also a special Judge for the Sebastian What’s Next Awards 2016.

What does it mean to you to “Have It All”?

Naty: When I was younger I thought that “have it all” meant having mainly success and money.. I was wrong. Having people that truly love you can care about you is on top of the list. And health, without health, nothing truly matters!

Scariest/bravest thing you’ve ever done?

Naty: Moving to a different continent.. for the 2nd time!
The first time I moved to Italy from Colombia I was 8 yrs old so it wasn’t as difficult as it was when I moved to the US from Italy. I was 21 and my English wasn’t very good then…for years felt like a fish out of water.

What’s your driving force, your guiding mission or vision?

Naty: My driving force is my family, I want to make everyone proud but most importantly, making sure everyone is doing ok! My guiding mission is helping other women to feel confident and passionate about what they do!

What does being successful mean to you? 

Naty: Being successful has a different meaning to everyone. To me, having a successful life, means having no regrets and a positive, peaceful life. Fame fades away, and money can be gone, but a happy environment around you surrounded by people you love, is a true success to me. Growing up, my perspective of happiness and success has changed.

What advice would you give to your younger self?

Naty:  I would tell her to stop stressing about the future and enjoy a little more the present. 

3 key words to describe yourself:

Naty: Spontaneous, passionate, easygoing.

Do you have a go-to beauty look? 

Naty: My beauty look is simple and glowy!
I start brightening my skin with bold and bare elixir oil then I apply a sunscreen(must minimum 30 spf).
I use some concealer under the eyes and some setting powder. A little contour in the cheek area along with highlighter, eye winged eyeliner and some mascara. That’s it!

And finally what makes a woman beautiful?

Naty: Her soul. Kindness, her smile.


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