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Free shipping & easy returns for US orders.
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Bold & Bare on being vegan & cruelty-free

It’s cool to be kind.

That’s why we created our range of skincare products that are not only high performance, but also make you feel good about using them. It feels great to know that you use what’s natural and nourishing on your skin, without hurting the environment, or any living beings.

With our busy, bold lives we sometimes don’t realize the impact we have on not just our health, but also the surrounding environment. To make life easier, below we explain what being vegan & cruelty-free means on product labels:

‘Cruelty-free’ refers only to animal testing. A product can only be labeled cruelty-free if neither its ingredients nor the final formula are tested on animals. Nor can the brand have paid a third party to do so, or sell the product in countries like mainland China where testing is required by law (we hope not for long).

Vegan’ means the product contains no animal ingredients such as beeswax, lanolin, and carmine. (a ‘vegetarian’ product may still include animal by-products such as milk, eggs, beeswax, and honey).

It’s usually quite easy to identify the labels, as they clearly state if the products are.

At Bold & Bare, we believe that animal rights matter, which is why all of our products are entirely plant-based and contain no animal-derived ingredients. Our products are never tested on animals, and we are proud to be Leaping Bunny certified.

So, you’re kind to your skin, to the earth & all the animals.

Because you can have ethical, clean and luxurious products all in one, so why choose products that support cruelty and are not good for the environment. You’ll look good and feel even better about your choices.

Our range of skincare indeed proves that you don’t have to sacrifice quality.

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