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There’s something about bold women. They are strong, confident and know how to create the life they desire. They don’t look or behave to please others. Bold women do what makes them happy and always stay authentic in the way they live their lives. Their successes are no coincidence, they choose to work towards having an amazing life and inspire others to do so.

In honor of international women’s day, here are the traits that every bold woman has:


Bold women know who they really are

They spend time regularly to identify their needs and their goals. And they make sure their dreams are their priority. Bold women know who they are and are not afraid to show their authentic self. This translates to all areas of their life: from the outfits they wear to their most important relationships.


They believe in themselves

 Bold women learn from past mistakes and move on. They choose to focus on their successes and are proud of what they have achieved. These women know how to be their own best friend and how to support themselves in any situation.


Bold women like to challenge themselves

 There’s nothing inactive or boring in a bold woman’s life. These women like to keep growing and improving in all areas of their life. They jump into the unknown with rolled sleeves and are not afraid to do mistakes. Bold women know that only through continuously pushing their boundaries can they become better.


They’re ageless

Bold women know that age is just a number. They are young at heart and behave and look like they are ageless. They are passionate about life and have plans even at 80. They refuse to be limited by a number and it shows on their faces, attitude and energy.


They don’t care about what other people think

Bold women are self-made women who have learnt not to rely on external validation. The opinions of other people have no bearing on their self-worth or self-esteem. Bold women know they are awesome because they became their best self on purpose and no one can ever take that away from them.


They don’t buy into society’s idea of the perfect woman 

They set their own standards and only follow those. They don’t buy into the idea of what a “perfect woman” should want, be or do. Bold women run away from perfection, understanding very well that there’s no room for growth there. They know that they don’t have to change anything about themselves unless they choose to do so.


They embrace their failures

Bold women know very well how to learn and move on from failures. They don’t dwell on them and see them as a learning curve that helps change direction. They have seen enough examples like Oprah or J.K Rowling and know that behind every success story there’s plenty of failed tries.


They celebrate other women

Bold women don’t see the need for competing or putting other women down. Instead they celebrate, encourage and inspire other women, understanding the power of collaboration. They see the strengths in other women and aspire to learn and collaborate to grow together.


What does being bold mean to you?


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