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5 tips on how to feel comfortable in your skin


While social media is great, it has created a lot of self-doubt and appearance anxiety. Being pounded by daily status updates is a sure-fire way to wilt your self-esteem.

The reality is you are your own harshest critic. Self-sabotage is the worst, so stop being so damn hard on yourself! It’s time for you to bloom again; to be yourself, accept yourself, and own what makes you *you*. Forget photoshop – it’s your mindset that needs a filter, not your bikini shots. If you’re wondering how to be comfortable in your own skin, here’re five tips you can start with:

1. Fake it ‘Til You Make it

It’s a common misconception that all bold women are self-assured. More often than not, they’re simply faking it, talking themselves up with the power of positive thinking. But there’s logic in their strategy – if you practice positivity, it will eventually impact on your attitude and in turn, your actual life.

Surrounding yourself with upbeat, carefree, inspirational women will also help you grow and develop your sense of self-worth.

2. Practice Self-Love

Showing yourself some love means making time for physical and emotional self-care. These things are interdependent – there’s a synergistic relationship between your body and your mind and spirit. But what is self-care and how do you love yourself?

Start with the small-but-essential things: drinking plenty of water, getting your 6-8 hours’ beauty sleep, eating healthy (but not getting guilt-tripped over the occasional donut binge). Honor your body’s needs and pay attention when it’s crying out for some TLC. Do things that make you happy, whether that’s going for a run, reading a novel, meeting friends for coffee, or staying home with your cat. And tell yourself how awesome you are (that’s a biggie).

3. Stop Worrying About What Other People Think

Sometimes you might feel like everyone is judging you for not having perfect brows or an on-fire social life. How do you improve your self-esteem in that scenario? Well, here’s your new mantra: I am Me, I am Free. Repeat three times in the mirror then go do that thing!

But seriously, stop comparing yourself to other people – it’s not healthy! Besides, we’re all beautiful in our own unique way. Be authentic, create your own rules, embrace your “flaws”, eccentricities, and quirks because *newsflash* they’re not flaws at all.

4. Take Care of Yourself and Your Skin

We can’t stress this one enough! Use clean beauty products, keep it simple, take a couple of makeup-free days now and then… your complexion will thank you for this. You can detox your skin twice a week with the Purity Mask and nourish and protect it with the Bare Elixir for maximum results. You’re in your skin for life, so treat it nicely!

5. Go Be You!

Accept who you are.

Enjoy it.

You’re on to something great right now. You’re empowered.

And while you’re feeling empowered, head on over to our social and spread your PMA with the Bold & Bare community.

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