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Woman in yoga pose by a big window

5 signs you love yourself

Woman in yoga pose by a big window

You know you love others without questioning it. With Valentine’s Day approaching, the subject of love is on everyone’s mind more than ever. But before loving others, you have to start with yourself. Can you honestly say you love and accept yourself fully? Here are 5 signs that show just that.

You take care of you

From vital beauty sleep to taking a vacation when you need one, it all falls under self-care. And that includes your physical and mental well-being. Only you know how you feel and what you need at any moment. You have to prioritize you and your well-being above all else.

Women who love themselves make the time, even if it’s 15 minutes a day to meditate, 5 minutes for a skincare and beauty ritual, or a full on weekly self-care day.

You feel comfortable in your skin

What do you notice when you look in the mirror? Is it that pesky pimple or the extra 1 kg you’ve put on over the holidays? Instead of seeing your so-called flaws, focus on what you like about yourself. Let your individuality shine and look how you like, give yourself compliments and accept your flaws as part of you. By doing that you’ll finally feel comfortable in your skin and that will translate in a loving attitude towards yourself.

Only you decide what’s right for you

Remember the times when you were a little girl? At least once have you heard that you have to finish school, find a well-paying job all the while searching for your Prince Charming. Now it all seems like a fantasy. Plus, you may not be into the fantasy at all. Why would anyone tell you how to live?

It’s your life, not theirs. You decide what you want and you boldly go for it. You can say you love yourself when you decide what your priorities are. Only when you set your own rules and follow them, you become the creator of your own happiness.

You’re beautiful for you, not for others

When you’re surrounded by fashion and beauty standards, it’s hard to find your own place in between. If you take pride in your looks and beauty, you’re considered superficial and arrogant. On the other hand, if you honestly don’t care, you might not “fit in” into society’s standards.

It’s time to say to yourself that only you can validate your beauty. You can dress up and wear makeup when and how you want. Not letting others control your view of yourself is proof of self-love and being a BB woman.

You can and enjoy being alone

There’s nothing rawer and honest than being on your own and getting to know your true self. It can be scary, but it’s an essential step towards self-love. You can be in a relationship or alone, but that is a healthy choice you make that doesn’t come from a place of neediness. Similarly, you don’t devote any time or energy to any relationships with toxic people that don’t lift you up or help you grow in any way.

You don’t need anyone else to realize your happiness, purpose, or any other qualities, because you have you, and you are your own true love.

And this feels right and awesome!

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