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5 Bold women in history


Sometimes even the boldest women need a little inspiration. And where else to find it then look at badass women in history. Fact is, ambitious women have proved that you can achieve anything you want if you have the courage and desire to do it! Flying planes, defying beauty standards or fighting for their rights, they’ve done it all!

Each woman was different. Modest, determined. Daring, fearless. Yet they were also surprisingly alike: They all knew what they wanted. They all went boldly for it.

Below, we take a look at bold women born in different times and circumstances, but who nonetheless inspire us even today.

Rosa Parks – A historical NO

Rosa Parks was a black civil rights activist who was the inspiration behind the 381 day Montgomery Bus Boycott (Alabama, USA) in 1955.  After a long, tiring day at work, she refused to give up her bus seat to a white passenger on a segregated bus and was subsequently arrested.  This sparked huge rage and was integral in ending segregation of public facilities.  The result was the segregation law on public buses was lifted. Rosa spent the rest of her life campaigning for civil rights and won many awards for her cause. Way to say NO and change history forever!

Amelia Earheart – Daring to fly

Born in 1887 in Kansas, Amelia was raised with the spirit of adventure and is responsible for setting a number of flying records.  She was the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean from Hawaii to the USA (and the second person). In order to follow her dreams and fund her travels, Amelia designed her own line of clothing and luggage.  She dared to create the life she wanted and pushed her limits and those around her.

Marie Curie – Determination pays off

Madame Marie Curie knows a thing or two about chasing her dreams. She had a passion for Math and Physics and wanted to make a difference. In a time when women weren’t allowed to attend the “men only” University in Poland, Marie managed to attend “underground” classes. Her dream was to attend a Real university, and she wouldn’t give up. Determination pays off, so after five years Marie attained her goal at the prestigious Sorbonne in Paris. She then became probably the most famous female scientist of all time and was awarded the Nobel Prize for Physics and Chemistry!

Frida Kahlo – Defying the “female beauty” standards

Frida Kahlo was born in 1907 in Mexico and is a world-renowned self-portrait painter, considered one of the greatest artists to ever come from Mexico. But besides that Frida didn’t care to fit in many aspects, including her looks. She often emphasized her masculine features and was not afraid to show her body hair. She created her own absolutely unique style and would refuse to conform. When women wore tight feminine dresses, Frida wore loose shirts and braided flowers in her hair. It totally paid off as she is still considered one of the most attractive woman of her time.

Malala Yousafzi – Young and Fearless

The youngest person ever to receive a Nobel Peace Prize, Malala Yousafzai, born in 1997, lived in Pakistan which was under the Taliban rule.  Girls were not allowed to attend school in the area but Malala defied the Taliban in Pakistan by demanding that girls be allowed to receive an education.  Despite being shot in the head by a Taliban gunman in 2012, she survived. Malala continues today to motivate girls around the world to find their voice, choose leadership and create a movement. Did we mention she started the movement at 15 years old and is 20 today?


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